I ran out of fuel

Today I was flying from Montreal to Newark, and as I contacted approach, I realized I was really low on fuel. Literally less than 5%. I wanted to tell the controller, but there wasn’t any option to say low fuel for some reason. I was lucky though, i was able to land. But believe it or not as I applied reverse thrust the engines stopped working. I used the brakes to slow down, but when I turned on the taxiway it slowed down because of the turn. And I stopped. I wasn’t able to move AT ALL. I changed my callsign to NOFUEL. The worst thing was that another aircraft was behind me, and I was blocking the taxiway😂

I had to just leave but at least I landed🤷🏻‍♂️


You have to be in the air for an hour (I believe) to declare one. Since you used embrarer, it was probably a short distance flight so you were in the air for less than an hour.


Oh, I never knew that

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Since you were on the ground you could have just turned on the brakes and added fuel to taxi. :)

You had a plane behind you that was blocking a runway so you were at risk of being reported.


yeah, its just that you cant change it in the air or on the runway

Oh dang it 🤦🏻‍♂️ I forgot that

It’s a good thing I landed because that would’ve been annoying

Don’t worry, today i did the exact same thing in an E170 today. Twice…

KPIT - KIAH. i forgot to measure the full, so had a layover in KMEM Memphis…

Then my flight from KEWR - KEYW Key West. I packed a whole hour extra of fuel, then run out halfway through landing… i non-legitly travelled through the grass…

My spelling today is terrible

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Yea the embrauers fuel finishes pretty fast

my spelling is also terrible

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We (as pilots on Expert) need to make sure we’re planning our fuel loads properly. Yes, I understand that some of the aircraft (like the E-Jets) are dated and don’t have accurate fuel burn rates, but it’s always better to just pack a little extra if you’re not sure.

I’ve been seeing more and more <1 hour flights where people don’t pack enough fuel and therefore cannot send the low fuel message, and more often than not cause a headache for ATC.

I get it - nobody’s perfect. But just food for thought, if it’s really busy and you have minimum fuel, it’s sometimes better to just divert to an airport that is the same distance away as your destination, if not closer.

That being said, controllers should be trained and equipped to deal with such fuel emergencies. But if you’re going to come into the busiest airport with the intention of packing little fuel in order to receive priority attention, that’s when it becomes a problem.

(This is not directed towards anyone specific; just a general address)


Your right. I packed an hour of extra fuel, but i still went low. Maybe because of the winds

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I always try to load at least 2 hours extra of fuel. I learned one hour just isn’t enough depending on wind conditions. I had to divert one of my flights between PVG and HNL…ended up landing in MDY.

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This has happened to me to, and now when I load into IF the first thing I do is file a flight plan and then check how much fuel I need.

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