I purchased pro but i havent got it?

Hello. After about 2 years off it im coming back to if. I signed in and re-bought pro but, to my surprise, i still cant fly on pro??? I have a receipt to prove i paid. Please help asap.

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When I originally got pro, it took a while for the subscription to work, assuming you posted this topic recently after the purchase, I think you just need to hang on for a little while.

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Ok thanks very much! I will wait for a bit and tell you what happens😁

Hmm…one hour later and i still havent got it🤷‍♂️

Hmmm… not sure why it hasn’t worked yet

And breath…11 euros not wasted after all :)

Hi! Did you receive access to the subscription now; did everything work? 😊

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Hi! Yes i did thanks! Now i just have to try get back to grade 3😅😬


Perfect! Enjoy your Pro Subscription then 🙌