I purchased IF

I got infinite flight and i hope i can see yoù guys in the multiplayer


I can’t wait to see you in the skies

Cool to hear! You’ll definitely notice a big difference when going on the servers for sure, from all the aircraft to the entire world of airports! I imagine seeing other people for the first time must be quite weird. I can barely remember my first time, it was definitely an excitement for sure!

A subscription opens a massive window of opportunity, and a huge gain on your connection to the community!

If you have any questions or need help with anything feel free to message me or ask the community. 🙃

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight skies :)

Welcome to the best flight simulator for less than 10 bucks :D


Welcome to Infinite Flight!

Well it’s 4.99 for the game and 10.50 for the sub to fly places so…

Don’t think it’s less than 10 bucks

I’m pretty sure Xplane is better value for money (but their multiplayer and aircraft/livery selection is trash)

Welcome onboard! Just get used to multiplayer and safe flights!

@IF-JPC I’m pretty sure that we were talking about Infinite Flight not how it rivals with other sims. Anyways…….

@PlanePal welcome to the community and the sim! Should be a fun and educational time. From my personal experience this sim is what sparked my interest in wanting to pursue aviation!

See you out there,

I hope we get to see you too 🙂

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