I purchased a plane on iOS 9.2.1 but gone on iOS 9.3

I purchased the erj 190 on iOS 9.2.1 but it is not there on iOS 9.3 help me please

What do you mean by “gone”? It doesn´t appear in the aircraft list or you have to buy it again?

I have to buy it again even after restoring purchases

Contact FDS´s customer service.

Did you log in with the same account? If not, you will have to buy the same aircraft for the different account.

Will try let you know in a bit

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Thanks mate it worked

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Glad to know it did.

Well, @Sturmovik, I purchased a 757, and I don’t have it in iOS 9.3! I have the same account. I actually deleted the game and redowloaded it because of no ATC sound. Now I don’t have it!

iPhone 6S
Latest Update for both iOS and IF

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