I present to you: Warsaw to Riga

Haven’t flown the A220 in a little while. So, I took my favorite livery on it for a short hop from Warsaw to Riga, (hopefully) enjoy!

  • Route: EPWA - EVRA
  • Flight time: 0:55

Rotating out of Warsaw

One last look at Warsaw Chopin!

Cruising over Northern Poland

On base over the Baltic Sea

Oh hey, it’s the moon making an appearance on final

And a smooth touchdown on runway 18


Beautiful pictures as always @callaa 🛫

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The pictures do the beauty of the aircraft justice! Wonderful!

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A really “photogenic” aircraft

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I enjoyed it so much I almost vomitted. 🤮


Lovely Pics😍😍😍

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Fantastic :D


I think I remember your last flight cause I remember I spotted you flying an A220 on the route Prague to Riga after you saw me flying it when you were controlling at Prague

Lovely pics though! My favorite is the departure out of Warsaw

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Oh, yeah I remember now!

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