I payed for infinite flight pro and never got it?

Device: Oneplus nord N10
Operating system: android
Hello, so recently my infinite flight pro subscription ran out, i had cancelled it due to not knowing if I will be using it again. Well today I went on to infinite flight (not logged in) and bought the subscription, after awkwardly managing to pay, due to me having to leave the app to conform payment (Revolut) i came back to the app after I confirmed payment to see it said “payment failed”. But it had still taken the €10.99. Please if someone could help i’d greatly appreciate it, i can show that the money was taken if needed.

As long as nobody finds a solution here, message support@infiniteflight.com where they can help you out more easily and personally. People with relatively similar issues were directed to Fix payment issues, such as declined or incomplete transactions - Google payments center help as payments are managed by Google Play, not Infinite Flight themselves, so it may be worth it looking at the link first.


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