I passed my IFATC written test!

So guys on the mock I got over 90% and I’m so confident that I can do the real test. Any tips for me?

Edit: I passed!



Well done. Just a tip that helped me and others make sure you have a pencil and paper to draw out possible scenarios. Good luck 🤞


Take your time and read every question thoroughly. You do have 20 minutes so use all of it. Keep calm and you will be ok. You know the information so I have no doubt that you will pass. Good Luck!


Alright, but if there’s any real easy ones ima just put the answer.

Obviously you don’t need a pen for a true or false.

@Ondrej’s tip is your key card to success

My main tip is to draw this a couple of these runway patterns so you can ‘simulate’ the questions on
paper to get an idea to the answer.



You can do it! Wish you the best of luck! Just think about is logically!

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Will do, I will do it in the next hour, in that time, I’m going to watch lots of atc videos. I understand them all

Best of luck!

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Thank you to all, will notify u guys if I pass

Just keep in mind the Pattern procedures, watch some IFATC tutorial videos that you’ll be good, if you want any help on how work a specific procedure, the community is here to help you!

Wish you good luck :)

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Guys I passed! Thank you to all!


Great job! Ahem fantastic job there 👌

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Congratulations! You are one step closer to being a fellow controller. Can’t wait to go see you soon!


I am also in the process, what happens after passing the test?

You have to schedule a practical exam… and if you pass that you become IFATC.


Where can you find the mock test?

How is that done? Through the recruiter?

i messaged my recruiter @Adam_Williams

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