I paid for one year

I paid for one year of subscription and I accidentally deleted the app and now it’s gone… I’ve tried to restore purchases but not working

Did you try logging in?

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Yes login and it should come back

On my iOS device I’ve been able to delete the app and re-install it a number of times, with no issues logging on.

Did you try re-starting your device first?
Do you have iOS or Android?

Yes, still nothing, my Apple ID says I paid… but I can’t do online features

Did you try clicking the “I already have a subscription” button?

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Yep, still no luck .::::

iOS, already tried that

Hmm. Maybe you could send a screenshot of what happens when you try and login?

Did u login with the account u bought the sub?

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Please provide a screenshot:

  • Proving The Purchase

  • The part where it says you can’t access online

Also, may I know how you ‘accidentally’ deleted the app?


Was cleaning out phone and wasn’t thinking about what app it was

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Is that a legitimate email? The invoices I get look nothing like that


I’m 13, it’s legit… look who it’s from… I swear over my gravestone

Thanks, Can I have a screenshot proving that you can’t access online?

@Chatta290 Looks fine to me…

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@Benjamin_Swedberg - have you been able to use this subscription at any point?
If the answer is yes, what was your last callsign and display name you remember that worked? Ignore what you see in the top right corner now, as that’s not working obviously :)

I havent… am annoyed at how it’s working so far ;)

Bought it Aug 17. As seen on email…, haven’t had time to fly until todag