I owned some planes

What with life taking place and all that, I just discovered that I am missing Air Buses and Boeing heavy’s.


Did you have a live+ subscription? You should try to restore your purchases and see if that works.


I tried the “restore” option but am still seeing $4.99 on the planes I already paid for. I’m all for making money but you never charge a customer twice for the same product regardless of improvements.

Dave/k7gdm and Rocky the service dog,

Have you owned a live subscription before?

If they’re individual in-app purchases, and you’ve tapped ‘restore’, sometimes the price will still be shown. If that occurs (as is in your case), just tap on the plane(s) in question, go through the prompts and you’ll come to a dialogue that looks something like 'you’ve already purchased this, would you like to download it now?" - you should be able to download your aircraft with no extra charge.

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Incorrect. It will just say “download.” :)

Man this description of the problem is no bueno. What specific planes have you paid for and now don’t have? Some airbus’s and heavy boeings isn’t going to cut it. If your referring the the 787 it was once free but is now paid. The A321 is still free. There are a lot of airbus’s and heavy boeings be a little more specific. Do you have the same device you had? Or did you switch from iOS to google play or visa Versa? Are you referring to planes you had with a live + subscription? Please be more informative when posting a support topic.

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Correct, since I’ve had it happen to me before, and it has also been reported by others. It SHOULD, and most of the time -does- say ‘download’, but occasionally glitches.

Like said above please be more informative when posting in this category
Here’s how to make a proper support request

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I’ve been paying online fees a year in advance times two years. The problem is not whether I’m online or not. The question is why can I not fly aircraft that I’ve already paid for whether online or not?

Example: After having not flown in a while, three or four weeks, I went to fly the 318 or 320 Airbus and saw that I have to pay $5.00 to do so. I’m very happy for Infinite Flight and the flyers who have a little more detail to enjoy while flying certain models. So, am I rebuying the same aircraft I have already purchased?

Dave/k7gdm and Rocky the service dog,

Explanation how to do it. You missed it.

Well, you’ll have to submit a support ticket for further assistance.

Please include the following:

  • Full user display name (not email)
  • Callsign, if you can
  • A copy of your plane purchase receipts
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