I open IF and I found this...

This is a real bug, how did IT happened? 😱
Did it ever happened to you??? 😱
Now IF has returned to the normal but I thing this bug is the worst bug in THE world of IF


First I think this has been talked about so maybe delete the app and reinstall it. Or restart your device. second. What’s with tha ALL CAPS.


Try restarting your decice. Also, please don’t type in all caps. This is a known issue.

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Like the guy above me said, probably reinstall the app. I would also restart my device and make sure I have at least 1 GB of storage free.

What’s are caps?

It’s happen to me too. And like @Bulba and @mattrich said, don’t type in all caps.

Here buddy here.

Capital letters

Ah ok sorry, however I’ve said that now if was returned to the normal, read with attention…

It’s ok bud just make sure if you have a problem don’t do all caps. Someone will read it and help.

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