I need your suggestion for IF Assistant

I need your help picking one of them. Please don’t flag this, I sincerely need your help.

  • RAAS
  • Passenger Announcements

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I didn’t get you. What is RAAS and what do you need this suggestion for??

I believe it’s for IF Assistant

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Ohh ok. I don’t use IF assistant and I don’t know anything about it. So I am just gonna head out. Bye!

No doubt RAAS. It’s more useful. For passenger announcements you can consider Infinite Passengers though. I use both Apps.


I think RAAS is a little more useful. PA is good, but I personally think it is a little too loud. So, RAAS is more realistic I think, and useful.

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RAAS is far more useful…

Bear in mind that Infinite Passengers is no longer officially supported by Infinite Flight - so I do not recommend downloading this app as it is rather buggy - due to not having official support with regards to bugs and things like that.


Well it’s working fine for me.

I do the same as well, I do use Pax announcements on IFA if I cant set up IFP, or the plane and livery I wanted is not on IFP. Plus, only some airlines actually have the snacks announcement on IFS, and I want to feed my pax for a nice long flight.


Most airlines are on IFP. I use IFA & IFP combined, works great!

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