I need your opinion

So today I went flying on the solo server all around the places my VA is going to fly to. I needed some better photos for the website so here are some I need you to rate them so I know if they are good to put on the website

77W photo

A350 photo

A321 photo

737 photo

Home screen photo

Your honest rating
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the poll is wrong

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Why is it wrong?

@Captainflight @Canadian_Aviator @Saharsh @MJP_27 @The_Real_Plane_Spott @Suhas @anon74260613 @Captain_Finck @Madison What do you guys think I should do to improve these pictures

I just liked the camera angle !!

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Also, You cut the front nose for the last one try not cutting it try including the Tail for the a321 and that’s really it

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Seeing as it’s your VA, just take photos you like. I don’t edit photos so that X person will like them, I edit them to my liking. Everyone’s opinions are different, so just go with your gut and do what you like best 🙂

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If you’d like to discuss photo editing please PM me so we don’t clog up this thread. Thanks!


Please take this to a PM

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also did you use drone cam @Aviation2929 ?

Yes I did @Captainflight

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I think they are cool, I just would zoom out a little more (like the 777 picture). But it’s not necessary

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The website will be updated tomorrow

Yeah. Like @anon74260613 said. Zoom in on the photos.

The B737 photo. I’d get a different view with the picture. Like it looks weird imo.

The other photos look nice also!

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The plane is cut off in the last 4 pictures - use the drone cam to get a full view of the aircraft. Try some crops, too! You can use Lightroom to edit the images.

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I actually said zoom out lol
Because it shows more of the terrain


I’d recommend getting a bit far from the aircraft and zooming in, it gives a realistic and cool look!

Your doing great nonetheless!

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