I Need Your Opinion

Hey all,
As some of you may now, since the start of the year I’ve been making a folder just for aviation. It has come to the point where I’ve upgraded to bigger folders multiple times but now the biggest one I have is too small.

My question is, what should I do now?

  • Get a bigger fold
  • Have multiple small folders
  • Go electronic (scanning will take forever)
  • Other (please discuss in comments)

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Thanks all for your valuable opinion!

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Perhaps have one small folder for each month/quarter depending on how much there is. Just my opinion.


That’s a good idea!

I was thinking of putting them in subjects/categories as the information has nothing to do with time.


Maybe also use separate dividers for each full binder? That’s what I do with my school books…


Here’s an idea - Do it my style, research it, write it, dump it, re-read it 10 years later when you move out either reminiscing or reading it like a new book.

Literally me. All the events I make are in a drawer. The other 3000 are somewhere in my room.


I understand but that’s not really what my folder is for (more like school books) so I don’t think t would really work.


Yeah maybe actually, sounds like an considerable idea.


I dont know what in their man.
tell me details plz

@Pilot-Juan-Fernandez Aviation related stuff.

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That’s an actually nice idea man :)

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OH ok then

Actually now that i think of it, yes that makes so much more sense. Just gotta decide on meaningful subcategories though.

What sort of info/stuff are you filing/storing?

I agree with @anon70772274 that if you ever want to be able to find stuff back, you need a system that you can rely on. I think the trick is to clearly define categories, and store according to the category.

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Imo, putting them electronically will be better in the long run as they will always be there as a ‘Virtual’ Copy. Saying that you could Electrically Store them and also store them in small organised files.

Maybe have one small folder for each little “category” of what you have, or maybe get a couple more of those big folders and just call it “Aviation: Volume 2” or something like that.

Does this make sense? 😂

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I’m just curious, what type of stuff do you put in it? :D

This is the answer to multiple people’s question in there is checklists, aviation recipients, flight training documents, many diagrams on aircraft and parts, airports, approach and departure plates, SIDs and STARs, IFATC manual, QVG manuals, weather reading information, METAR and TAF stuff, rules and violation sheets. I could go on but i think you get the picture - basically anything aviation related.

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I’ve looked at the poll and I think I’ll put them in multiple folders as well as scanning a hard copy.
Thanks for your help!

Put the additional papers in each of your smaller folders until you run out.

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