I need your opinion on what to buy

Hi guys,

I just got a 15$ iTunes gift card and bought the Dash 8 Q400… I need your guys’ opinions: should I buy the Caribbean, or should I buy another plane? If so, which plane?

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Buy the 787-9 or 787-8
And @regional_flyer welcome to the forum!


Hey, thanks for the purchase and we definitely appreciate your business. Tell us a little about the type of flights you enjoy and what aircraft you currently have. Recommendations will definitely vary based on if you like pattern work, short hops, the longer cross-region flights to major airports, etc. You’ll get a lot of great opinions and advice here!


It’s up to you, you have the money.

I’d chose another aircraft since global is coming out soon.

Here is a poll :

  • Caribbean
  • Another aircraft

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Welcome to the forum btw :)


I’d suggest searching, as there are multiple topics like this one already on the forum…

That being said, I’d personally buy the 787 or save for global (probably won’t be cheap). I find the region to be confining with very few waypoints, if you’re into planning realistic flights.


Since you are a part of Air Canada VA, and your name is “regional” flyer, I’d suggest buying the a319. Handles like a beauty, perfect for short hops, and you will gain two air Canada liveries as well.


Another plane - Global is out soon…

I’d go 787-9


I think you know which option is better to you 😉. I’m suggesting to follow your desire so you won’t regret your purchase 😊

Although, I can suggest you to buy other planes. You might want to buy 787-9 as it has Air Canada livery on it. Plus you can enjoy the wingflex of the plane 😊


With global coming out soon, I don’t think another region is necessary.

I would suggest you buy another plane like the: Boeing 787, A320, Boeing 737, or any of the new planes ;)(


I think you should save up you money to buy global.

Buy the A320, I love flying it. It’s good for flying regional and when Global comes out it will work good

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I cant reccomend the south florida region enough, so fun to fly in, aircraft whise you should get a 787, if you want lots of liverys go for the -9 in particular.

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