I need YOUR help!

Hello, i am in the process of creating a new (ish) airline!
I will need a route officer for Pan American Virtual Airways, we are currently just setting up and not IFVARB approved (that’s because we havent applied!)
Please PM me if interested!

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You are not allowed to post in the VA category unless approved by the IFVARB team.


Sorry! All changed now!


It’s great to see that you are ready to submit an application for a VO. However, in order to seek staff, you will need to pass the first stage, which in other words is the admin approval of your idea.

Once and if you get accepted to continue with the certification process, you will be able to post your staff request here:


Oh, sorry, its just that last time i applied, i was rejected because i didnt have proper routes, i just need some help before i apply

The reason why your previous application got denied was not the one you mentioned above. You did not have an active website (which is a requirement) and your operations plan was very very poor.

Moreover, the role of a Route Manager is to manage existing routes and help with the CrewCenter. A route manager will not find the routes for you, unless you have done your research and presented all the info you would like to update in your CrewCenter.

This is the reason why a thread for prospective VAs seeking staff is live.

Sorry, I’ve not been the sharpest and I’ve been quite negative, sorry

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