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If i was cleared to land but I intend on touch and go, do I:
a)announce my position and intention even after being cleared to land
b) touch and go without notifying ATC?

Context: I took off requesting to remain in the pattern, I was directed right downwind and was cleared to land, I listened but I wasn’t sure if I needed to inform ATC that I intend on doing touch and go. I was told I was instructed to land and avoid sending duplicate messages.

I got nervous so I just landed.


If the atc gave you “Clear for the option after the option make left/right traffic” That means you’re good to do a T&G or A fly over the runway i believe, but if atc said “Cleared to land RWXX” I believe that means you have to land and taxi off the runway, someone feel free to correct me if i am wrong:)

Was this on Expert or Training


Yea, I was instructed to land. He must not have wanted me to touch and go. I didn’t think about that.

Expert, I don’t think I would have made this if it was training lol I know how that system works lol.

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Okay fair enough, but i believe if they don’t give you the “Clear for the option after the option make left/right traffic” But they give you “Cleared to land RWXX” First one you would’ve been fine to do T&G second one is land and taxi off👍

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Roger that.

Cleared for the option allows the pilot to:

  • Land as normal and exit the runway.

  • Perform a touch and go to remain in the pattern.

  • Perform a stop and go, same as a touch and go but stop completely on the runway before taking off again.

  • And last but not least, let’s you complete a low flyover of the runway.

If IFATC cleared you for land then they most likely wanted you to come to land and exit the runway.



Announce position and intent to touch and go.

They should look to see the clearance was wrong and change it.

(Make sure you actually call in for touch and go initially as well.)

Do not do choice b, please.


Thank you. When are we allowed to touch and go? Because the atis did not say no pattern work allowed?

If ATIS says no pattern work allowed, then don’t perform touch and goes. Just follow the normal procedures for landing. :)

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If no Pattern work is not shown in the ATIS Brodcast, then you can go ahead and request patternwork… In the end it is still the Controllers choice if he wants you to do patterns or not.

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