I need your help for more YouTube subscribers

Please don’t go off topic. Take it to a private message

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Good point as always @SkyHighGuys

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It’s not all about the subscribers, it’s all about the quality of your videos. You could have less subscribers than another YouTuber, but the quality of your videos are a lot better. YouTube isn’t all about subscribers or likes, it’s about entertaining your audience and making them happy. You have some nice videos.

Good luck!


Let’s congratulate him on his secssues and not he’s upsets

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I also could need a little more support. We have good and educational content combined with some irony ;)

Any help or follow for follow is appreciated ! :)

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I have always been subscribed to your channel ever since you made that global video

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Just be a bit more considerate

@Jordan2 @Riley wasn’t being inconsiderate, he was commenting on the landing, which if the feedback is taken on board may reward in better landings/more views

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True but was saying be happy for them

Because it is a win win situation he gets subscribers you get great infinite flight/ Aviation videos

Good looking videos!

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I did subscribe. I enjoy watching your tutorials. I’ve already been um practicing some on casual server lol.


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