I need trainers for a VA

 Hey IFC! Over the past couple months me and a couple friends have been working on a national guard VA. I need trainers for it. If you have experience in military aircraft F22, C130 etc. please PM me. What you need is a discord account and to pass a check flight to make sure you know what you are talking about.


Hi Noah,
All posts in the #live:va category must be approved by a mod first. As well as that, they must be for an IFVARB approved VA. We understand this makes it very hard to recruit staff, but rules are rules. Could a mod please close this.


How would I go about do this then?

You just get IFVARB approved, then people will come to you.

Ok so I message one of the IFVARB administrators ok thanks! And yes can a mod please close this


Posts must be approved by the IFVARB, not mods (although it helps)

Not quite true. @Noah_Simonich you’ll need to message the IFVARB about making the VA you have in mind. After that you’ll need to get a few things in place before you can discuss with them the possibility of a staff recruiting thread. I suggest you take a look at the IFVARB Information Topic for more info on how the process works.