I need to overcome my flying in heavy traffic fear. But how?

Hello IFC. You may know me, if you do know me you will know I made grade 3 not to long ago and I have seen the busiest airports I have ever seen in IF on the ES. But, you may know i have a fear of flying in the busy traffic. It’s mainly when approaching. Take today. The ATC scheduled had Athens on the list and i went there. On my second time goeing there it was a lot busier. To the point people were holding and diverting. I am scared of goeing around, holding and getting vectors in heavy traffic threw low terane. I need to stop it, face my fears and enjoy the ES 100%. Today I was that scared of having to hold or such a long approach I almost diverted. I ended up quitting.

If anyone has any tips to keeping a cool head in heavy traffic let me know. Also if there is anything I could do to not have to go around or anything like that that may also help the controller. That would be great.

Thanks so much 👊.


Really, all there is to it is listening to Air Traffic Control, and following their commands. We make every command count, and will try to get you in as efficiently as possible.


Just follow instructions and keep a cool head - and you’ll be fine - not really much else can be said.


Also on a number of occasions (4 times in a row over 4 days) I had to go around. I’m so scared if I crash when goeing around


Don’t worry about crashing when you go around. From personal experience, the best course of action is to immediately increase throttle to your takeoff power. Once you have started climbing, retract your gear and let ATC know your intentions. Slowly retract flaps and contact ATC. When on approach, tell them you are “executing a missed approach”. They will handle you from then on.

First priority is the aircraft. Make sure you are safely climbing and not going to stall out.


Just pull up and you should be fine. Make sure you have enough reserve fuel when entering a busy airspace.


Going around is a very normal thing you can well train for yourself to get confident in.

Set full thrust, when beginning to climb retract the flaps to a climb setting (1 or 2) and retract the gear.

Watch your speed and retract flaps reduce thrust accordingly.

Communicate with ATC when needed.

All will be fine!


See when goeing around should I set up the auto pilot and get vectors or fly myself?

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Stay calm. When ATC is vectoring you, and you forget what they say, go to your ATC logs and double tap on the messages and it will show ATC messages directed to you only.


I know that holds can be scary in IF as it’s a challenge to enter them with high speeds in IF, but you’ll be fine with reducing speeds and following the displayed hold as closely as possible.

A long approach is nothing to worry about, just stay at the device and listen to ATC as well as keep an eye on your surroundings (traffic/terrain) and you’ll be absolutely fine.

If you still don’t enjoy the experience you can always fly to less busy airports!

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Initially manual flying, but with ATC active I would switch the A/P on when stabilised to ensure you can understand, answer and follow all ATC instructions.

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Good point ;)

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Being put in a hold is not scary at all, all you need to do is set your altitude and speed but fly the heading manually, the circle on the map adjusts to your ground speed. Trust IFATC, they’re not going to vector you into a mountain


That’s the thing. I dont trust IFATC when I realy should!

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Keep in mind, the average IFATC has to open up a tracking thread, read the ATC manual, watch the tutorials, study for a test, pass the test, then contact a trainer, do a bit more work on their tracking thread, read the manual and tutorials again, and then have to pass a test again. And then for approach, they have to contact a trainer again, read the ATC manual a bit more and pass another test. Trust me, they know what they’re doing. Also in my opinion a go around is easier than taking off. Think about it this way, it’s a takeoff except you’re already in the air. Literally all you need to do is increase throttle, pitch up, then retract gear and flaps.


Haven’t had an issue with them, all i do fly to their airports, i had issues at first because i didn’t know they were trained ATC. It takes a little bit trust me. However if you don’t understand what a command means, check #tutorials and stuff

Thay are very well trained

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dont worry its not that bad!!!1

no matter what, just trust the IFATC, they know what is best. of-course they may make a few slip ups now and then, but hey! everyone makes mistakes!!! just follow all instructions and maybe lets some tutorials flow over ya head!!

and if that doesnt help, just watch what everyone else does, to get the vibe! like how @Maxmustang says here!! (sorry for tag)

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Trust ATC. Sure we all make mistakes, but they seem to be superhuman 😂. But in all seriousness, listen to them, they know what they are doing.


@Luke_King-kong… MaxSez: Flying is similar to driving a car in heavy traffic in most cares Gallagher. There are highways in the Sky, roundabouts, speed limits and traffic cops along the way. There’s no question in my military mind you’ll out grow your “fear of flying”with time, experience and effort. Violations like traffic tickets they’re “learning experiences” if viewed as such, din’t fret just pay the 7 day fine and motor on with a check in your learning box of tricks. By the time your advance to Grade 3 you’ll recognize the boogeyman (Ghost)
witch as a warning flag that you have a correctable Procedure problem and take corrective action, Take your worry pack off, enjoy the moment every time you light the firer m mentally and physically.
Don’t get lost in the comment here. Follow your survival instincts.
Good Luck, Max