I need to learn to pay more attention

I keep getting distracted with other things and I forget my flight in the backround (if this is against the rules posting this let me know)

Its not exactly against the rules, just not really necessary…


So… I should delete this post?

May i ask what help you’re looking for? Is it a ghosting or a general question, I’m happy to help

I keep forgetting my flight so when it descends I get violations

Because I forget to slow down

Hey there! Welcome to the amazing Infinite Flight Community! While this post may be a little unnecessary I’ll put my two cents down on it. If you struggle to remember your flight, I have a simple trick for you, which is to set an alarm for a little before your top of descent, in case winds decide to push you ahead of your ETA. Hope this helps! :)

You cannot remove those kind violations, as it’s pilot error, and not something wrong with the system

Yeah I would recommend setting a timer so you know when to descend and slow down dude

I know but what does “canning” mean?

Spelling error

Also, don’t arm VNAV waaaaay before your TOD. Only arm it once you are sure you can be at your device during the entire descent.

It was a joke

What does tod stand for?

Yeah also once you start descent, especially in a busy airspace, I would recommend not doing anything else because it is a crucial part of the flight, this is how I don’t get distracted
TOD is Top of Descent

Top of descent

Ok thank you guys 👍😁👍


Question answered.