I need to know that

Must use ‘check in’ in approach and departure

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This is a good start. The #tutorials has a wealth of knowledge.


I need to konw first use :check in. After request flight following?i dont understand about post in atc

I need to konw approach when use: check in

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If you have a valid flight plan that you wish to follow you check in, that’s all. No flight following, nothing more.


Do not check in. Ask for flight following, radar vectors, ILS or visual. Repeating - do not check in, simply request the service you want.

Side note: technically you could check in as a way of requesting flight following, however the check in command is so misused in approach that I recommend using the flight following option if that’s what you really want.

Between radar frequencies

If being told by one radar frequency to switch to another radar frequency, check in with the new frequency. That’s all, don’t repeat the request, the new controller knows what type of service you’ve been assigned.

Hope it helped.


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