I need to know about if i can buy a subscription from redeem code

hi if i have redeem a code in google store, i can buy a subscription in infinite flight from the money I have redeemed in google store?

Absolutely, you can! Money is money, right? If you have it in your account, you can definitely buy a subscription with it 🙂


thank u 4 ur reply

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Make sure to take note of taxes though, some countries/states have applicable taxes for purchases of apps and such through your respective app store.

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Adding on somewhat to what he said, if you live in the US, taxes are basically negligible (nothing too much).

I believe it’s about 30-50 cents of tax. Purchasing an item for one dollar is 7 cents of tax.

So a monthly subscription is roughly $10, so its a $0.70 tax if my math is correct.

About that… not sure what the exact number is.

I have not tried it personally, because the subscription is a monthly charge)

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