I need to confess to my crimes

A few nights ago, when I was aligned with the wrong runway at KORD, I was told to follow or get reported … I kinda over reacted. I didn’t want to get reported.

I did a hard near inverted bank to the left hard to try to align with the runway. I only did this only to follow his instructions, and not to upset him.

I was determined never to get reported again. I actually fear it. So this is the evasive move I did to get to the right runway quickly. This is something I would never do again, and I hope it doesn’t get to the point where I have to do that again. This regards my last post, “I want nothing to do with KORD ever again.”

Later I left because I realised what I done. I thought I was going to get reported for what I did. But I guess the controller didn’t see me. Luckily, when I told him about it, he was very forgiving. So he deserves his props.


I’m glad everything worked out. All those runways at KORD, I can see where confusion may have lied.

A lot of the time I have to double check runway assignments.

Again, if you would like to speak to a controller, our pms are always open for question and feedback

Have a great one


Not being reported is more important than anything. jk


nice topic! It made me laugh! I think this is much better than quitting the flight so I’m on your side 😂

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I did quit the flight…

If you have to undergo these procedures to be able to follow ATC instructions, the most professional thing to do is go around so you can be stable in your next approach since we are on the expert server.

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I’ve done the same thing at the same airport and the atc said the same thing. But I didn’t need to pull that maneuver. I just anounsoa go around and did a realistic turn. That was very unnecessary.

I was a passenger on that plane, got martinis and cream brule all over my shirt when you pulled that stunt! So you’re the pilot huh? Your ATC was forgiving huh? Well too bad, I’m still gonna report your piloting performance to IFT!

IFT - Infinite Flight Airport Terminal, choose and share flight experience as passengers - realistic weight n fuel option as number of pax depends on number of users boarding your flight! Experience smooth or harsh landing feel and view stats from the comfort of your chosen seat, coming to 23.1, hopefully (or sooner if this joke actually gets a feature request lol). Merry X-Mas n have a great week! :D

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Yes. Agree :)

a pilot who claims they have had no mishaps or mistakes made in flight, or in accordance whereby they act as PIC of a flight for the purpose of movement from an aerodrome, is a complete liar. A good pilot will make mistakes, a good pilot will learn from those mistakes.

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