I Need Tips

So ever since I made it to grade 3 (which was 3 days ago at the time of posting this) I been wanting to feel more involved with this game. Can people give me tips on that please


If you want to feel more involved, join some VAs or flying groups, make events etc. You can also fly around busy areas or make some friends here that you can talk and fly with.


Hey- One thing you can do is you can search up VA’s (Just like what @Kyle.Plane said) and also apply for IFATC or some other position in IF


Since your Grade 3 if you Have a thing for ATC and have 500+ operations you can test and try to become An IFATC it’s a whole lot of fun!

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I have given being atc a try though I am not very good at it. But I am trying, so that’s what counts

Also thanks to all the people who are giving me tips. I really appreciate it. :)

Join a VA - participate in some events - you can do countless things to get more involved in the community. I remember when I wanted to get more involved, someone sent me a link to an event and I joined, and I’ve been friends with that person since.

There are plenty of tutorials on the internet and YouTube

Fly at the hot spots and participate in events such as FNF

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The first thing you want to do when you reach Grade 3 imo is refresh your ATC knowledge and how to interact properly with it. Because now you have access to the Expert Server and trust me it feels like a whole different world coming fresh out of TS1!

Don’t bother trying for IFATC unless you enjoy it. Otherwise it’s likely you won’t control very often.

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Join a va or fly with others its always fun Id love to fly with anyone feel free to PM me I love to fly

@Iloveflying…MaxSez: wanna get more involved change your mind set. IF is not a “Game” it’s a Simulator, Wanna Fly like an eagle think & speak like one. Assimilate, Learn, Aspire…


One thing I like to do is to pick a real world route and fly it. Start with your local airport and work from there.

I live in San Antonio so I picked a flight from San Antonio to Dallas on flightaware.com. Parked at the same gate and pushed back at the same time. I even used the same flight plan. I tried to match the speed and alt the best I could. Then when I landed I parked at the gate where the real plane parked. From there you can do it in reverse or go from there to another destination.


Start at airports that don’t have a lot of traffic and move up from there.

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