I need tips/help with the Expert Server

So, I have recently gotten hands-on the Expert server and I really need some tips and just overall stuff I shouldn’t be doing. Please I genuinely need some help I’m sure if I want to risk it and lose my Grade for some stupid reason?


Don’t be stupid, be smart, respect the rules of right of way, be mature and use Unicom when operating when other people are flying

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Quick suggestions… read the IFC tutorials…

Be familiar with downwind, base, and how to use correct ATC calls that will come your way.

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I understand the ATC and how it works, I’m just scared enough to lose my grade. But thanks in advice!

Work to getting used to flying with ATC, plan ahead, and recognize that everyone else wants a good experience too, controllers and pilots. Respect will get you a long way.

Most importantly, have fun!

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Well I appreciate those words, and will try my very best to not screw up. Thanks in advice!

Gotcha! Biggest thing i say is don’t fly scared, listen to instructions, and obviously be curteous to those around you. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions!! That’s what the ifc is used for!

If you ever get IFATC telling you to check tutorials and you don’t understand, make sure to reach out to us via a DM and we’d be happy to help you out! We aren’t here to punish, just help keep the airspace as clean as we can make it

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Thanks again for all the help, Would it be good for me to start in a very small airport with fewer people to start-out? Or to start somewhere populated with players?

Hi there,

I would highly recommend you have a good look at the following link. Lots of great info to help you get the best experience out of the Expert Server!

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Don’t do stupid stuff. That’s all you really need to know.


This is another good topic on what to do and what not to do on the Expert Server. Contains lots of good tips!


Remember you don’t have to go to expert immediately. If you need practice it’s better to mess up on Ts1 than expert.


You’re asking the right question. And you’ve got your answers: study the tutorials, and be courteous to others. When inbound for a busy airport, keep a good eye on your radar screen. Apply common sense, find the queue, and position yourself in-line.

You’ll be fine!

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I can appreciate y that is useful for someone who has lots of experience on expert because they know what being stupid is whereas @Remark2002 seems to need guidance in some of the areas that you might think are stupid

Some tips I have for you is follow every instruction from air traffic control. Like heading commands altitude commands and etc

Good luck with the expert server

You don’t need to worry about loosing your grade if you get gohsted you are only off the expert server for one week which isn’t really that bad.

Welcome to EXPERT!!!

One thing you really need to get the hang of and understand when entering Expert is ATIS.

Other than that, if you can understand ATC commands and did not accumulate violations in training, just fly the way you fly, listen to IFATC, and understand ATIS.

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