I need tip

At what FL i should stay to make 747-AF1 fly over 11 hours.
Route is KLAX - RJTY (Yokota)

Max fuel is for 10/30 hours IF saying.
How i can save fuel for ± 1 hour?


Step climb , if you can’t do that I would fly at FL330-360

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Call for a refueling tanker that could work

Calling you!!! ^^

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Well I’m not able to I’m flying an A330 to São Paulo


As the fuel decreases the engines will have less weight to handle. If that’s still not enough step climb as it will save lot of fuel. At 99% load FL290 or 300 should be fine then you can start step climbing to fl320 followed by fl340 and so on. Planes like the 747 can go up to fl450 so I recommend to fly this flight with fl320 or fl310

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