I need something to do

Hello everyone,

I think I need something to do on this community.
I’m currently webmaster for Hi Fly virtual and Founder of VADC.
Please tell me if I can do any other jobs.


What do I need to join?

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Any special requirements?

MaxSez… Learn to be a Controller kiddo. They have a great and professional training staff. All you need is patience, an ability to learn complex technical data and be willing to cooperate. Contact @Brandon_Sandstrom if you have the right stuff,


I mean on the community, thanks anyway.

Just being on the community is a huge help. This is driven by members, so you’re actually helping a lot right now. As for an actual “job” I don’t know of any.

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You’re a regular, meaning you’re able to edit and modify posts (to some extent). You can always help out by doing spell checks and putting topics in the right place?

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I thought you were leaving for a little while. What was the goodbye thread for?

Anyway my opinion as @Maxmustang said, learn to be a controller.

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Since you’re the founder of VADC, how about reviewing my application? VA name is Singapore Airlines :)

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Yeah. That didn’t work out as you can see.

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Ha ha, thats the way :)

Glad you’re still here!
So what changed?

Join Sam Airways we need an advertising manager

apply here more jobs are also available

I kept coming back to check it out, seems I have FoMo so it’s better for me just to visit the community then limit that actual usage.

What’s FoMo?

Fear of missing out
Like not wanting to miss any of the new topics on this forum…

Sorry to hear that. That can’t be easy. Hope you’ll find the way to cope with it that fits you best.

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Anyways, back to my VADC topic? I heard from jack98 (of Cruiser VA) that VADC is like an entity which handles VAs…

Well, we ‘check’ VAs for inappropriate content, copyright stuff etc.