I need someone to help me until I make a real decision

I need to fly from KSFO to WSSS. That’s about 18 hours in the air. Right now I have 5 hours and 30 minutes left to WSSS. but my plane only has fuel for 5 hours and 20 minutes left. Can I drive non-stop or do I have to land somewhere to refuel? because I have flights with headwinds of 12-13 hours. So I’m wondering what I can do. I have fully refuelled from KSFO. (edited)

headwinds of between 120-160 Kts

but right now is 80 kts

Right now the best thing you can do is wait. Maybe later the headwinds will become less strong, so fuel consumption will be low enough for you to reach Singapore. If the headwinds keep as strong as now, I would suggest you to divert to somewhere like Ho Chi Minh. If you don’t want to divert, then you can start descending very early and slowly to reduce fuel consumption and try to reach Singapore.


I thought I’d wait and see what happens with wind.

a possible landing Ho Chi Minh. if I can’t make it to Singapore.

right now I am on
FL: 400
speed: .84m

Winds should get less and less strong the closer you are to the equator, so things should get better

I don’t know how heavy you are but you’re too high. At 70-31% (which I assume you are within) you should be at FL340 and below that load FL360. At 400 you’re burning an extra 400 pounds per hour which is not super significant (it’s about 4%) but you could save 1200 pounds if you have 3 hours left which would allow you to fly for an extra 7 minutes. I think if winds stay stable and you just descend a little faster than usual you’ll be fine.

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