I need someone’s help for an event!

If you can I NEED YOUR HELP, but only one person!
As you might know, to mark the opening of the US borders, the two rivals virgin Atlantic and British airways did a dual takeoff, on a flight path to JFK. This took exactly seven hours, and am wondering if anyone would like to join me!

This will be on the casual server, as i fear the atc will report me as i dont know how to use it!

This will start at EGLL (heathrow). I will be using the generic a350-900, with the callsign BAW1 (speedbird) and i hope that if you can, please use the generic a350-900 (as there is no 1000) with the callsign VS3 (virgin)

The takeoff will be at GMT 8:30 (same as Zulu time) on the 16th of December, So log on at about 8:10z

Some photos of the actual ‘event’

Hey, please read more about the #live:events category rules :D

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Ok, sorry, im not very good at this