I need some recordings of IF

So I was thinking of making a fan trailer of IF the other day and since I just got a computer and bought Sony Vegas, I want to make one.

Why I can’t record on my phone
Well the problem is that if I record on my phone, the recording is very laggy.

So, if you want to help me, I have some very specific requests (sorry).
•It must be in scenic, free cam or flyby cam.

You won’t get any money or something like that but your Username will be shown at the end of the video.

Thank you!


🤔 So which one is it? It can’t be specific if you give the person the option to choose from the whole aircraft line up… If you are intending to be specific, give the airline and model of plane (for example: American Airlines 787-9, or American Airlines 737-8).


I will accept this offer to do it for you. But find others first. I’ll just be your last resort if no one else says they’ll make that video. I am still picking up dust from my old channel remains.


Ok, sure. There will be black bars however.
EDIT: Actually, I cam’t right now. Need to wait until Airshou is resigned.

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You can check out Infinite Flight Media Services and have them record a video for you.


Yeah, I know, hahaha xD

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Are you sure I can use some footage of that trailer?

I can do it for you if you still need it.

Yes please, I still do.

Use QuickTime Player (mac)

Do you still need that footage? I can now record.

Sorry for not replying. Since Laura recently announced on Instagram, that they are almost finished, working on global, I might aswell wait till they are to make the video more beautiful 😉

Plug your iPhone into any mac, and go into quicktime. Select ‘record new video’ and press the little arrow next to the record button. It will then come up with a list that has video and audio inpute. Select ‘[insert person’s name here] iPhone’ for both and you’re good to go.

Sorry to disappoint you but I have an Android.

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looool. just use the inbuilt screen recording feature then…

If I record with the inbuilt recorder, it can be quiet laggy. (The video)

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well i’m always around if ya need me. and @adrien, i quickly read the post. i’m not gonna sit there for 10 minutes re-reading each word 3 times am i?

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