I need some new route suggestions


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Im flying from Dubai to Heathrow right now. Decided to do the flight at the same time as in real life. I’m flying flight EK1, I left about an hour ago and I’m recording a time lapse.



suggest also joining a good quality VA who will have lots of different routes for you to choose from.


Auckland - ho chi minh city

Great scenery over Aussie outback great kiwi landscape


Enjoy! I did the reverse as QFA 2 a few weeks ago. Great flight.


This page is still my favorite whenever I need some ideas for flights, long hauls or short🛬😎🛫


Hmmm, I’d suggest to do either the classic KLAX (Los Angeles) - EGLL (London Heathrow) or if you want to go from the east coast do KJFK (New York) - LTBA (Istanbul). They are both approximately 9-10hrs depending on the winds.


A great flight would be from OMBD (Dubai Int) to EGLL (London Heathrow) It is a common flight flown by British and Emirates and is a great 8 hour flight! I suggest that route


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Just did KATL to EGLL. Took me 7 1/2 hours to complete.


Reykjavik to Frankfurt is a somewhat scenic flight. You fly over Scotland, The Hague, and much more.


Just finished KLAX-ZBAA


There’s an overnight flight from KLAX to LFPG if anyone wants to fly it.


If anyone wants to I’m flying LSZH-KLAX on Expert if anyone wants to join?


Qantas fly that route, known as the Kangaroo route with their A380 equipment.


Very nice to know! Its good to learn something new everyday.


You should try EGLL-VHHH. Hong Kong actually has a nice scenery! It will be ranging from 9-11 hours flight, depends on the winds and the speed you’re going.


You could fly From Atlanta (KATL) to Heathrow which should take around 8 hours. I usually do this route.


Another flight that you could fly is KIAD or KJFK (more common) to PHNL (Honolulu)


@Tyler_Shelton, how often do you update the suggested routes forums?
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