I need some new route suggestions

Here are 812 Suggestions :).

Here are 140 more suggestions :).


Sydney - Honolulu… 10hrs

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You could read the post fully, he did say he already looked

He said he already read it but he doesn’t want/like them.

I flew Klax to egll last night.

US Global Routes Suggestions Here you go I have loved flying these

Go the other way then?

Check your DM I will send some routes to prevent clogging of thread

I’d say somewhere in the Midwestern US, West Coast or in between, flying to London will give you the desired time range of 7-10.

I’m flying to Beijing tonight from KLAX that’s 11ish hrs. If you want to join me you can!

KIAH-LTBA (11 Hours and 40 minutes) - PIA/Turkish
MMMX-LFPG (10 Hours and 40 minutes) - Air France/AeroMexico

are some choices… But I were you…
Find out what FNF is for tomorrow and then fly to there (IFATC is open all day at the FNF Airports)


Try Santiago to London, the longest BA route

My long haul route is JFK-LHR or LHR-JFK While rather generic it’s an alright route with a bit of traffic flying each way You can alter your cruise speeds to take from 7-8 Hours

Chicago to Munich
Seattle to San Juan
Houston to Dublin

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Atlanta to Heathrow might be a good route. I think it’s about 8-9 hours.

It’s about 6-7, but is very nice, did it in a Delta A330

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I recommend Atlanta to Rio. Nice 9-10 hour flight and you get to fly down to South America which is always fun!

Just flew a nice 18 hour…LHR-SYD

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You should pin that so it’s easy to find…


Im flying from Dubai to Heathrow right now. Decided to do the flight at the same time as in real life. I’m flying flight EK1, I left about an hour ago and I’m recording a time lapse.

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