I need some help?

I live in 3rd world country where the only way for me to get infinite flight is to use a vpn, before it was free on the US playstore I would always think that I would be able to Purchase the game whenever finally get my credit car. Fast forward to present day I was able to get infinite flight sim for free to my surprise… but know I can not purchase a pro subscription because even if I use a vpn for the playstore I am not able to purchase a subscription because google play purchases is not supported in my country. Now I am not able to enjoy the game I wanted so long. So, I am asking what should I do? Because the onlu way to purchase a pro sub; is in app and Infinite flight does not have an online “web” subscription like other games do.
And I have tried to buy gift cards from amazon but it’s only can be claimed in the USA.

Does your VPN let you choose your location? If so, have you tried setting that somewhere in the U.S.?

Maybe try this solution.


No my problem is that I already used a vpn to get to the American play store but now I can’t purchase a pro subscription not even with my PayPal. I personally think that Infinite flight should have an online payment method ti accommodate for those persons like me. Because iI tryly like this game but it’s a let down knowing that I can’t enjoy it to the fullest.

Yh Fahm I have from New York to L.A still doesn’t work when I used my card it says payment not available in your country. At this point I honestly don’t know bro.

I see. For the Gift Card method, it appears that when you create your Google Play account you’ll need to use a US Post Code. If you have the VPN running and the US Post Code set then it should accept the code.

I can’t wait till Google Play accepts crypto, then this will never be an issue for anyone again.

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