I need some help

something wrong with my system .I use iPad air 2 for the game . During the daytime the system can turn on the low power saving for the battery but the night time it doesn’t work . I try did reinstall the game . still the same. can you tell me how to fix this problem

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How do you know low power mode is not working?

Can you describe what you are seeing? Is it battery drain at night?

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have you use this model before? when you turn on this function. in the middle of the screen it show up. Lower Power Saving Enabled ( don’t touch the screen in one or two minutes ) that mean the power saving it is turn on. and then you touch the screen it show up Lower Power Saving Disabled. now my game can use this function only at daytime . before was always .

It seems really strange that it only works in daytime and not night time.

Are there any media possibly videos filming your device having that issue so that the community can offer more help?

That is very odd, is your device always plugged in?

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