I need some help

Are you able to free fly without a subscription on mobile ? I am considering getting it but I don’t know if I would be able to get a subscription

Hey Aidan. Without a sub you get a dozen of so aircraft and 7 regions to fly in. This is also offline so you won’t see any others.

Everything else is the same in terms of aircraft quality and scenery!


You get a limited amount of free aircraft and can only fly in 7 squared regions which dont allow you to do long haul international flights.

The game is great without a subscription, one of the best mobile sims, but with a subscription it is undoubtedly the best interms of selection, and scenery with global flight.

Features without a subscription:

  • Acces to 8 regions covering thousands of square kilometers each with full satellite imagery, and hundreds of airports

  • Acces to the following 15 aircraft and all there liveries; A321, A380, Super Decathlon, 717, 737-700, 747-400, C17, CRJ-200, Cessna 172, Cessna 208, Cirrus SR22, A-10 Warthog, F/A-18, P-38, Spitfire MK VIII

  • Save and share an unlimited number of replays (limited by device storage)

Features with a subscription:

  • Acces to all aircraft in the simulator, 59 in total, but I wolnt list them here.

  • ability to fly anywhere in the world to and from thousands of airports, with satellite imagery everywhere you go. (Some places may have lower quality than others, but the developers are working hard on this)

  • ability to fly online across three serves with you’re friends, and everyone else using the sim.

  • ATC at some airports on Training, and Expert servers

Hope this helps, I’d be happy to awnser any questions, and there’s a lot more past this, these are just the greatest hits so to speak.

*Their lol

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