I need some help with a report

Hi everyone,
I won’t go too deep into details, because the problem has been mostly solved, but I need someone who can reverse a report. Me and the controller talked it over, and he agreed to get my report reversed, but the person who is supposed to get it reversed hasn’t responded back to me. I really want to get back to flying in the expert server ASAP, so if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

The controller should have contacted a moderator to reverse it. Just give it some time, as mods have lives and cannot always be available.

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Yes… that is what the controller said. He hasn’t responded back to me for a while, though.

Patience is key:) The controller will try and get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes it may take a few hours, but the problem will be solved🙂 We have lives outside of IF too!

Ok. Thanks for the help, guys!

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I am just super excited to get back to expert server! 😁

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