I need help

I have just joined the ifc how does it work

Hey there! Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community, the hub for IF users to connect, share stories, and collaborate on experiences. You can also stay tuned for updates from the Infinite Flight team about upcoming features and platform news. Below, you’ll find my top two must-knows.

Explore the forum with ease - Categories

Categories serve as the organizational backbone for the myriad of topics and discussions on the forum. Let’s break it down:

Category Purpose
General The purpose of this category is to have a place to post any topics related to Infinite Flight that do not fit into any other specific category on this forum.
Features The purpose of this category is to have a place for users to request new features to be added in-app, and for other users to vote on these to indicate if they would like to see this feature.
Support The purpose of this category is for users to find support on issues they’re experiencing.
ATC The purpose of this category is to have a place for anything related to ATC. This includes recruitment and training to join IFATC (our expert server controllers), the ATC Schedule, and ATC Tracking Threads.
Announcements The purpose of this category is to display announcements about new features or platform updates.
Screenshots and Videos The purpose of this category is to provide a place for all photos and videos taken/created by the community.
Blog This category is for official blog posts from the Infinite Flight development team.
Ground School The purpose of this category is to help educate and enhance the knowledge of the community when flying and controlling within Infinite Flight.

Each category has its own set of rules, and I highly recommend taking a quick look at them before making any posts. It’s a helpful guide to ensure your contributions align smoothly with each category’s guidelines.

Navigating Ascension - Trust Levels

Trust Levels are implemented to regulate users’ access to the features of this forum. This approach is designed to provide users with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the rules, allow them to gradually advance, and serve as a protective measure against spam within the forum.

  • Trust Level 0 - New
  • Trust Level 1 - Basic User
  • Trust Level 2 - Member
  • Trust Level 3 - Regular

Check out this helpful article from Discourse, the site provider, for a deeper dive. It’s worth noting that IFC’s standards are typically a bit higher because it’s a lively forum, and they aim for members to actively contribute before moving up. Learn more about IFC Trust Levels →

I hope you find this information helpful! Check out the provided links for more articles. Wishing you the best on the IFC and a Happy New Year!


Helpful Links


Feel free to reach out to any of us any time with your questions.

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as @beanboi provided above, there are many categories to post, just remember the rules which are pinned at the top of each category


Ok buddy, your gonna the good types and bad types of people, first avoid the planespotters, unless you want to be absolutely roasted by them
second, those that post memes are bad
don’t worry so much about everyone else, it’s fine, they’re just like you

just joking, based it off the stereotypical “school guide,” just follow the rules and guidebook at the top, and you should be set!

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