I need help

So… Hey IFC. I was doing a normal flight from LA to Vancouver, but I went AFK, and forgot about it. I got 3 speed violations in 1 flight (idk how that is possible) and lost G4😢. I know the @appeals don’t appeal Lv1 violations but is there another way I can appeal these?

Unfortunately I don’t think you can

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Hey, @TheAviation_YT

Unfortunately Level 1 violations cannot be appealed unless it was an error by the system such as going through the terrain and getting one.

In this case, it seems that you didn’t slow down fast enough for the 20 second warning timer to avoid it

Your violation will be gone in a week or 7 days after it was received!

Also, when you need assistance with something similar, it’s best to post in the #support category.


I wasn’t anywhere around my device

FN60fps is correct. Level 1 violations cannot be reversed as these are system generated and based on the pilots flying. If there was a technical issue then we could look into it. But since you were “AFK” then that appeal is not eligible. You’ll have your Grade 4 back in 7 days. And there is also only one appeals process.


Ok thanks!

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