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VVNB has two runways 11L/R 29L/R why when updating there is still an 11L/29R runway?

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IFAET edits off of satellite imagery, so it’s likely that it hasn’t been updated yet on the imagery. If you talk to someone in IFAET, they could remake it with the other runway. I don’t know the last time it was updated, so you may just have to be patient until someone gets to it.

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The people who edit airports are allowed to choose what airport to edit. So that being said there is never guarantee that a specific airport that someone wants will be updated. But they do their best.

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Hi there,

Please allow me to look into this momentarily. Thanks!

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It wasn’t on satellite.

Was it updated in the last update?

as you see the runway on the left with a white line, there are still on the right, there were still two runways that flew to my last VVNB nearly 6 hours ago.

I would wait for Ecoops123 to answer. He can give it more accurate

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Before the repairs, there were two runways that were right after fixing only one runway but in fact it had 2 runways

Giving Alex Orlov the chance since he was more involved than me in VVNB.

On new Google Earth images, runway 11R/29L is under reconstruction. The editor decided to remove it, when the new images are released, the 2nd runway will be added


yes thank u

when will it be added?

It will be added most likely when new images are available with the re-done runway.

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it is true that it is in fact under construction but it was put back into operation 3 months ago

Google is late with new satellite images(((

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Oh, Tom asked for the runway back, so it will probably be added back in the next nav update.

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okay bro thank you

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