I need help

Hey I wanted to purchase infinite flight pro. Problem is if I do then I will be purchasing it for my second account, I can’t log into my other account unless that has a pro subscription. So am I just stuck with my second account now?

If you plan on purchasing Pro and do not have a subscription on either account then whichever account you want to purchase Pro on should give you the option to, if this solves your issue please let me know if not I will try to tag somebody who can better assist you


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It wouldn’t let me do that though, only let me do the account I’m already signed into without switching, then sent me straight to purchase

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Requesting assistance for @CYYZ.Aviation

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You can try logging out of the current account and click I have an account and try that way?

There isn’t a way I can see of logging out, only switching the account

I thought if you click your account on the top right there was a log out option on the bottom left? I haven’t had a sun since august so I might be wrong

Now it just says get pro in the top right and then I already have an account in the bottom right

I tagged the moderators so hopefully soon somebody with a lot of knowledge will contact you soon here on your support ticket

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Click I already have an account

Then try logging into the other account


Uninstall the app and reinstall then you can sign in with ur old acc easy as pie :)


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Doesn’t let you do that unless the other account already has live

Tried that and I was still already in my second account

What type of device do you have?

Try going to your settings > account > switch account select where your previous account was from sign in and you should be good.

That won’t work, I tried to sign into my old account but it said there was no live subscription. I am on an xr

A XR what?

An iPhone xr

@USA_ATC 👆(Device)