I need help

Hello, could you help me with the connection of the global server because it always comes out as if I had no connection

what do you mean? in the flight or on the loading thing?

no, the global server


This is usually caused by low storage available on the device.
How much do you currently have available on your device?

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i have 34 GB of 64

Are you currently connected to WiFi or Cellular Data?

only i use wifi

Hi @Zenaida_Montanez , sorry to hear you’re having an issue…

I noticed seb had already sent a message, but for the sake of posterity, I’m just gonna ask the general questions

• What device and operating system are you using?

• Where did you install Infinite Flight?

• Have you taken any steps so far to rectify the issue (clearing data, reinstalling, checking WiFi etc)

In the meantime, I strongly recommend checking our support FAQ which has some useful articles that might assist with the issue. I’m sure Seb or another member of the support team will have you up and running in no time


This is happening with me also, I currently have infinite flight installed on a Samsung s20+ running on the latest android, and downloaded the game via the app store, I also have the largest storage on a Samsung and so can’t see what the problem might be other than I live in the middle of knowhere and my WiFi is really bad, any help would be much appreciated

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