I need help!

Hey guys, I’ve got an issue that’s probably a common question, but I’ve never had to ask… I just got a new iPad today and have an account on Android, can I transfer my account to my iPad? And if so how do I achieve this?

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@Mikey1974, unfortunately, that’s not possible (to have the subscription when you transfer). Android stays on Android, and iOS on iOS. However, if you used a google or facebook account to log in, then it would work.

You can transfer your account but you’ll have to repurchase the game

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Yes. You use the same login method (Google or Facebook) that you did on your Android device.

It’s telling me I still need to purchase infinite flight? Is that something I can’t get around?

Unfortunately not, no.

Ok, that’s quite alright! Thank you!

I believe, in fact almost certain, that you not get the initial download free, you have to pay the 4.99. As for the subscription, I’m not sure.