I need help

Hello 8 days ago I was reported at the Miami airport for having done a push-back without a tower permit, and if it was done but it was because the controller called me to get away from an A350 which came after me, and To avoid the tower report I backed away from the aircraft but it didn’t help me, his name was IFATC PANTHER. I wrote to the in-game email and they replied to contact him.

Please contact @Panther to discuss Report removal. Or, he can call intact you, as you have not reached the trust level appropriate to message a user.

Quick question for the base price of the audience. What good would removing a eight day old report do, and it’s ran its path and you should be good to go?


Because this report occurred more than 7 days ago, we’re unable to deal with the report. Please make sure that you reach out to the controller or a moderator within that 7 day period to discuss the report. Thanks.