I need help

Hello guys!
So Ingot reported last week on Expert. I was grade 2 but now after one week at the same time I am still not Grade 3 why ?

Please try flying a short flight that is just long enough to gain some XP.

Afterwards, try exiting the app and restarting and see if that restores your grade.

At what time last week? It expires exactly 7 days later, on the minute.

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Thank you…

I got reported at 8:17 (german time)

If it says 20:17 in the log, it’s 21:17 your time.


Oh bruh, I‘m such an idiot …

Ah, don’t say that! It can be confusing with times, and timezones. Being lost in not knowing the time happens everyone at one point or another in life. It can be a hand full to keep track of what the time is here and there, and the differences depending on where someone lives and so on, so forth.

Try to remember this; During Winter Time, Local Time in Germany is 1 Hour ahead of UTC-0 / Zulu, and during Summer, you’re 2 Hours ahead of UTC-0 / Zulu :)


Ok thanks :)