I need help!

So I’m currently flying LHR-SCL in a B787-9 with 89.250Kg of fuel (that was at takeoff) and my ETE To Destination is showing red. So I need to know if 89,250Kg of fuel will last 16 hours. If someone could load IF and check I would greatly appreciate that

BA CityFlyer LHR

At what FL are you?

It will. Usually during climb, the numbers go down as you use more power and fuel. At cruise you should be good. If it’s still in red, slow down and climb at a reasonable rate.

I’m currently at FL380

Simbrief gives me the following numbers EGLL-SCEL:
Fuel 86000 kg
VS 1400
Initial cruise 32000 ft, step climb to 40000 ft.

Ok, maybe I went to high to quick, I did stay at FL340 for 1 hour 20 then slowly at 400Vs went up to FL380

If your N1 is around 90-100% you are too heavy for the altitude. I suggest you go lower until you have burnt off some fuel.
Speed should be M 0.85
Safe flight :)

On such long flights this can be the case. As you get lighter the fuel flow decreases and hence the time the fuel lasts is calculated constantly by IF.

My last long-haul started with a red fuel indication (as far as I remember) and I landed with +1h of fuel.

Thx we’ll do

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Safe flight and hopefully the wind helps you:)

Yeah, I have a tailwind of 80Kts

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Even at FL360 my N1 is 87%

Where are you currently?

North of LPCR (Corvo)

I have 68,800Kg of Fuel left and “13:53” hours left

Okay I think you are in a jet stream in the moment wich makes you slower but it should be good because if you look at windy.com for FL340 it says that you will be out there soon

Oh… I’m stupid… I have a headwind of 93Kts 😐 that’s probably why I’m showing red ETE because of Fuel

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If you climb later to FL380 or 400 it should be good.

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I always forget to see what the winds are before jumping to the conclusion of not enough fuel

I always use FplToIf
If you need help just send me a pm