I need help!

Hello I would like to find out what is this Callsign on this plane MIAMI | A380 LANDING 4K - YouTube to do it on IF but all I find out is “Air France 090 Super” so on FR24 it doesn’t give me there info

Sorry, I’m not suer what you’re asking. Do you want to know the callsign of that flight?

@KaiM Yes I want to know the Callsign

So I can get info about it

Air France 090 Super looks like it is currently operating on a 77W but you can fly an A380 I think the winter seasonal flight is operated by an A380

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Do you know the registration?

This was super tricky ;)


So you asked for something you already knew?


You can access google from safari. It’s probably your default search engine.

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Nope I did not know the abbreviations such as AAL63