I need help

I did not understand
I updated my infinite and was downgraded to grade 4 without being notified?
How do I solve this?

you need more landings

Are you moderator?

You don’t have enough landings in the 90 day landing section. Just do a couple patterns and you should be fine.

You need 20 landings to get back.

Look at what’s orange, it’s a rolling 90 day period so 91 days ago you likely did 20 landings but they have now dropped off.

no but I can tell by looking at your sat. you currently need 20 more landings to go back up to grade 5

This may help 👍

The count changes every day. Do 20 landings and you will be back to Grade 5.

This could happen if you had a lot of landings that day. after 90 days all the landings you did that day disappears. So if you did 30 landings in one day then in 90 days those 30 landings will go away

yes I can see but the landings decrease as days passes by, the only way to maintain your grade is by having a chronic landing frequency

Where do I find a moderator?
This is wrong I used it 2 days ago. I am grade 5 I stayed 2 days without using the I.F… Open now has update and this? I can not understand and I want an explanation of who has it.

If I use every day I make 2 landings a day that counts.
in almost 2 years this never happened

How is this relevant?

180 is less than 200, no matter who you are.


I gave you an explanation already sir. Your landings go away with time so you are kinda forced to keep up your landing frequency to maintain your grade

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When the fight begins, they do not like it and the crying begins. Let’s stop here.
Please help, I’ll find someone to see this.

You do not have 200 landings in the last 90 days probably 90 days ago you did 20 all you need to do is do some patterns you will be fine you don’t need a moderator.

I use all day LGPG to EGLL to KJFK
do the accounts every day 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 * 30 days = 120 /a month

Sir, we’re not angry at you we’re simply explaining why your grade dropped and how you can get it back up. you can solve this by doing pattern work at KJFK for an example

Sir I am sorry but you didn’t it would have said you did have that amount of landings but you don’t there is nothing we can do.

You skipped some times so you don’t have 200 landings per 90 days as needed for grade 5 levels.