I need help

I’m new to Infinite Flight, and I want to know how I can level up to level 2 and 3 on the game. I’ve been flying for a while and I checked the requirement and it said for me to have 5 violations. Can someone explain, thanks.

Hey! Could you take a photo of your grade table? We can help you more if we have that information.


Hello Kaitlyn,

As Misha said, this should help us identify what you need, but what I can say, is you do not want to have violations, which are penalties for breaking Infinite Flight Rules, this topic I have found explains it very well:

And also, welcome to the Infninite Flight Community, also please be sure to check out A Beginners Guide To the Forum for the rules and procedures here in place on the forums.

Sorry, I can’t but the problem are these

Violations (24 hours) 0 5
Violations (7 Days) 0 25
and Violations and Landings

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This topic is rather helpful;


How do you level up then, that post did help but the guy had the max requirements but was still level 3.



These are all the requirements for each grade to level up :)

Once you have achieved all the requirements for a grade, you will level up to the specific grade

See more in this topic here;


welcome to IF! I’m Barney and I’m sure you will enjoy your time here! Have fun!

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Thanks! This really helps me alot because I thought you needed violations and ghostings.


Are you able to take a screenshot on your device? If so, please do, and post it here. This will help us explain to you exactly what you need. To upload an image, simply press this button, then find the file in your Camera Roll, or File Browser:


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Thanks you!

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Your welcome!

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