I need help

I am 1 for 1 but i am still disconnected to the server ! What should I do? image|690x387

Can you provide some more details?

  • Reupload the picture
  • What device are you on?
  • What error are you seeing?

i am using my iphone 7 so ios

You need exactly one more landing. It’s 1:1 ratio.

Look at this post to see the new requirements for training server and anything else related to you not being allowed. You may need to get more landings in for it to work. One more landing should work for you to have access

Just do a couple touch and goes on the casual server, and you should be fine.

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You currently have the same amount of landings and violations. In order to gain access to the training server you need more landings than violations, if you were to do 1 more landing you will have access. Refer to the topic linked above.

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