I need help

I entered by plane 787 to Denver (KASE) airport, and strong textthe ground controller told me that the plane is large. I went out and replaced it with A319 and the controller still told me to replace the plane, note that most aircraft at the airport were of this size. Then I was excluded from the game and they took me down to the grade2.

Display name: nabel alzahrani
Call sign : Saudia 787

I think that the ground controller didn’t notice that I change the plane and looked at the call sign only

Hey there. If u look at the TFR when looking at the map you would see that 787 is too big for KASE. Therefore, I would assume you were ghosted.


He ghosted you. Contact your controller. If you don’t know who he was, maybe it’s best to consult @Tyler_Shelton.

Check out the TFR.